Tony Watson Electric, Inc.

He is my strength, my shield. Psalm 28:7

Tony Watson Electric, Inc. has been blessed to be accepted into several task order and blanket order agreement programs for different agencies.  Those agencies have included:  Mississippi Space Services, Jacobs Building Technologies, the Department of the Navy, the United States Postal Service, and the Mississippi ANG.  While under these orders, there have been projects that required immediate response and we had personnel on site within 24 hours.  For the United States Postal Service, we were called into action to assist with Hurricane Katrina repairs and clean up and had the honor of being awarded the contract to remodel the Gulfport Downtown Station. 

We have completed several projects for the MSANG including the Installation of Removable Tents and Slabs, Renovation of 28 Dining Facilities, the Installation of a Monorail Hoist System, Lift Station Installations, Construction of an Entry Control Facility, Numerous Metal Buildings Erections, RSMS Compound Extension, Pool Light Replacement,  the Alteration of Building 119, Various Roof Repairs/Replacements, Chiller Replacement, Renovation of the 183rd AeroMed, Construct BDE Headquarters, Construction of 10 Tactical Operations Centers, CIED Lane Enhancements, and numerous others.  We worked in Grenada at Camp McCain, Meridian at Key Field, Jackson at Thompson Field and the USPFO, Hattiesburg at Camp Shelby, and on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the Guard.

We have also worked for the Meridian Naval Air Station, the Pascagoula Naval Station, and the Naval Construction Batallion Center in Gulfport.  Projects for these locations included fire safety discrepancies, communication towers, instrument landing system, site preparations, demolition, weather warning systems, harbor lighting, hurricane repairs, Stinger's Club Renovation, and others.  NASA has also been a customer that we have been blessed to work for.  Projects have been awarded from NASA directly and as part of a blanket order agreement with MSS and Jacobs.  These projects have been electrical, fire alarm systems, traffic signalization, concrete slabs, panel labeling and renovations and repairs.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has awarded projects for uninterruptible power systems, smoke detectors, roof repairs, access control systems, painting, caulking, and repairs.

TWE recently completed several projects for the University of Mississippi Medical Center.  These projects included a remodel of a clinic for Blair E. Batson, Wound Care Center Renovations, and the Renovation of the Blood Bank Lab.

These are just a few of our customers.  If you would like more information, please call us.


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